Anthony Davis Trade Rumors

The season has just begun and the trade rumors have come with it.

“We want Anthony Davis!”

“Anthony Davis to the Celtics!”

“We need yet another superstar… how about Anthony Davis?”

“Anthony Davis is really good. We should trade for him!”

Alright, so it’s not happening. Because of the Rose Rule.

The Rose Rule came into play after Derrick Rose won MVP in 2011 and the NBA decided to use this situation to make a new rule in which a team can sign a player coming off of a rookie contract for 30% of the team’s total cap, rather than 25%. The player has to have fulfilled certain .

After Anthony Davis’s rookie contract was up, the Pelicans strategically signed Anthony Davis using the Rose Rule, so he would not go to another team. Kyrie Irving was also re-signed by the Cavs using the Rose Rule. Kyrie was then traded to Boston still under the contract he signed using the Rose Rule. The NBA also said that a team could not trade for a player who signed with the Rose Rule, while also in possession of a player with the Rose Rule. So, it is not possible for the Celtics to acquire Anthony Davis via a trade.

Rumors have said that the Pelicans are open to trading Anthony Davis before the deadline if they continue to struggle, with Boston being one of Davis’s preferred destinations. Though, these rumors seem to be false. It doesn’t make sense for the Pelicans to trade away their franchise player, who is also one of the youngest and best players in the league. They have potentially a HOF player in their hands, and it doesn’t make sense for them to trade him.

Now if there is even a sliver of truth in these rumors, then there is a situation where Davis could come to Boston. The rumors say Davis might want to come to Boston, so by the end of this season, when Kyrie is a UFA, Davis could theoretically be traded to the Celtics (assuming Kyrie opts out). Another situation in which we would get Davis, is if a trade package is sent to New Orleans, with Kyrie included in the package. Then, everything would be legal. This seems very unlikely though.

So, the bottom line is that we can’t trade for Anthony Davis, unless Kyrie is not on the team. Stop asking for AD. It’s probably not going to happen.

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