Celtics Before the Trade Deadline


Greg Monroe has officially agreed to sign with the Celtics, 1 year for $5 Million, but the thing everyone is wondering is whether or not he will solve Boston’s enormous problems with offense in general. For a team looking to make a deep run into the Eastern Conference Playoffs, the Celtics are hoping to get impactful play from Greg Monroe.

Greg Monroe chose the Celtics over the Pelicans after getting two different deals. The Pelicans offered $2.2 million with guaranteed minutes, while the Celtics offered their $5 million without guaranteeing high minutes. Monroe chose the Celtics, even though he may not get many minutes. But why won’t he be getting many minutes? Baynes, Horford, and Theis will most likely be ahead of Monroe in the lineup for a bit of time, and Brad Stevens clearly likes the three of them. Theis is a rookie who has put up good numbers and can shoot the ball from three. Horford, an all-star, is the starting power-forward and can play some good ball. And Baynes has been pretty good as a starter, especially on the defensive end, as well as being a center who can shoot. All things Stevens likes. But now, Monroe will provide more depth to the team and some more scoring when Kyrie isn’t playing.

Monroe is a good addition to the team. Like I said, we need scoring when Kyrie is not on the floor, and with him being injured for the past couple of games, scoring has become difficult. But, Monroe could be the spark which Kyrie has always provided, and once the Celtics get a spark, they can just feed off of it and go on a run. Boston’s ability to play off of energy and the energy of the crowd is what has gotten them some wins this season. Morris will also play as a big man, rebounding for the Celtics. His big body can set up for him to be another rim protector and he has the ability to set good picks, something our players (Kyrie, Brown, Tatum, Rozier) can score off of. It’ll also be nice to have a replacement when Morris goes down. Morris seems to be injury prone. So, moving forward, he was a good addition for this team, and looks to be a piece Boston is missing.

“I think that’s a great pickup for us, veteran player, knows how to play the game. He’s been around the league a while so I think he’ll add to our size down low, scoring ability. I think it’s a great pickup. He’s a big body. Even if he’s not scoring, he’s carving space for other guys to be able to drive. He’s well-respected around the league so that goes a long way. I think he’s going to be a great piece for us going forward.” – Marcus Morris

The Celtics are not stopping there. According to the Boston Herald, the Celtics are in pursuit of Tyreke Evans and Lou Williams in an even larger effort to get more scoring off of the bench. And then, a little bit later, Woj made a report of the Celtics being willing to trade Marcus Smart for a first round pick. Danny Ainge looks to want to make some moves here.

Lou Williams has been a big name this season, as he has been putting up some big numbers off of the bench. 23.5 points per game. Off the bench. And with the Clippers dealing Blake Griffin and expressing interest in dealing Deandre Jordan, Los Angeles will most likely not stop there, and could trade Williams who is in his final year of his contract. He main position on this team will be scoring for the second unit.  

Tyreke Evans is another scorer with a big body. Kind of like Jae Crowder. He has a career high 39.2% from beyond the arc and is almost at 46% shooting, all while averaging 19.5 points and five rebounds.

If we can somehow get these two, it would be heaven. Unfortunately, trades will be required in the next five days. Packages will, not could, include draft picks and/or Marcus Smart. Smart is a defensive beast/flopper who has high trade value, so he should be appealing to the Clippers (who are looking to be rebooting) and the Grizzlies (who have been struggling).

Deandre Jordan is also on the block, so that would be nice, unlikely, but nice.

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