Super Bowl Bound

The one and only, Bill Belichick, showing human emotion by hugging Patriots Defensive Coordinator, Matt Patricia in the picture above (via Twitter)

The Patriots and Eagles (yeah, that’s right) have made their way to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles enter Super Bowl LII with two Super Bowl appearances under their belt, but no wins. Their first championship appearance was in Super Bowl XV (15) under quarterback Ron Jaworski and the best defense in the NFL. They lost. Their last Super Bowl, Super Bowl XXXIX, was against the Patriots, led by the one and only Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

That was a good game back in 2005. It was the Super Bowl with Deion Branch as MVP (not Brady). Branch also played three positions in that game. Mike Vrabel caught a touchdown pass. Terrell Owens played on a broken leg (I don’t even know how that was possible). The Eagles almost came back, but McNabb threw an interception on a potential game-winning drive to Rodney Harrison. The Eagles lost. So, a Lombardi Trophy would be nice for Philadelphia.

So, how did this happen again? I think people, including myself, had the impression that Carson Wentz was the Eagles. Most people forgot they had a defense, and a respectable coach, and some good receivers. But a team that could stop the Vikings? Though, they were at home in their two, not three, playoff games. You could say I’m still doubting the Eagles and how much their fans have boosted them. But, an upset isn’t impossible. It’s just a little hard.

The Pats have a few championships under their belt. Only 5. It’s going to be just another game for Brady and Belichick.

The Pats put up a comeback against the Jags in the second half, something they’ve become pretty good at. Brady did use his hand as an excuse and did everything possible with a Gronk-less offense to stop a mighty Jags defense. Though, I did feel bad when CBS showed a bunch of the Jags players crying. (Gronk is expected to be cleared for the Super Bowl)

It’s also nice that Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia get to go to the Super Bowl in their, most likely, last year with the Pats.

But, if you were looking for a controversy, you’ve got one!

Jags fans and players were not happy at all with the officials and that the penalties were bad calls.

“I just got to watch the tape. I need to go back at the rule book on [pass interference], because you’re telling me the receiver can have his hands on me the whole way down the field, but if I look for the ball and try to protect myself from being pushed, it’s a flag?” – A.J. Bouye

ESPN also found a stat. The Pats only had one penalty, which was the fewest in a playoff game since the 2011 Championship game, when the Pats were called for 1 penalty in a win over the Ravens. It’s interesting, but people are always going to try and find a way to make the Pats cheaters.

So, the Pats are cheaters in almost every non-New England fan’s eyes (even CNN’s Jake Tapper).

I don’t feel that bad for the Jags players anymore.

I’m expecting the Eagles to put up a good game. At this point, and the way Foles just played, the Eagles do not have an excuse. Wentz may have helped the Eagles get here, but Foles just proved to everyone that he is just as capable. Hopefully this game will be interesting.

But, just for the record, I have the Pats winning, 28-17.



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