Patriots, Eagles in Championship Games

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What Happens with the Eagles in NFC Championship Game
So, the Eagles are in the Championship game. After the merger, they have done this 6 times. They’ve gotten to the Super Bowl twice. They’ve also lost twice. So getting to the Super Bowl will be a big deal for the Eagles. But, can they do it this year?
Well, the Eagles will either face the Vikings or Saints. Both elite teams. Most would argue these two teams are the best teams in the NFC. The Eagles are the underdogs and everyone knows it.
They will be home, and the fanbase for the Eagles is as loyal as it gets, but when it comes to facing these teams, it will take a huge amount of energy and skill to take them down.
The Eagles defense have showed something against the Falcons. Only ten points were scored and 281 yards made by the Falcons, and all of those points were in the first half. You have Malcolm Jenkins and Fletcher Cox, two pro bowlers, leading the defense and helping them out is Vinnie Curry, Jordan Hicks, and Brandon Graham. All are pretty well known players throughout the league which make this team the best they can be. I believe the Eagles defense will have to win the game for the Eagles in the Championship game.
I mean the offense is alright and all. Alshon Jeffery and Jay Ajayi, with an elite offensive line, so good for Nick Foles. Right? To me, he still has not proven he is good enough to replace Carson Wentz. In four starts, he has 537 yards, five touchdowns, and two interceptions. In one of those games, he threw for 39 yards. The Falcons defense is good, but he didn’t throw a touchdown against them. He did impress me on some level. He threw for 246 yards and had a completion percentage of 76.7. I don’t think it’s enough to beat either the Vikings or Saints.
At least they have a defense!
Patriots Roll to 7th Straight AFC Championship Game:
The Patriots routed the Titans 35-14.
Not much to say here. Brady and the Pats played like they always do, not showing any signs of lost chemistry in the management. The Titans couldn’t answer to anything the Patriots were throwing at them. Marcus Mariota wasn’t playing at that elite level that everyone thought he would (although we learned after the game that he was playing through a strained hamstring, which is maybe why he didn’t run as much). Belichick and Patricia easily stopped Derrick Henry from ripping apart the Patriot defense. It turns out the Titans couldn’t upset the Pats, so my other article ( is useless.
7th Straight AFC Championship Games is a record by the way. Brady had a few more records. Brady passed his idol, Joe Montana, after throwing his third touchdown in the night. He now has the most postseason three-touchdown games (10). He extended his own record after having another multi-touchdown postseason game (21). He has played the most postseason games as well with 35, and this is among all players, not just quarterbacks. This is his 12th conference championship, which is a record, and is the oldest player to start in a playoff game. He has the most postseason touchdown passes, yards, and wins in the postseason by a quarterback, but he broke these a while ago.
“I swear, every game Tom is breaking a new record,” Gronkowski said. “So it’s nothing new, but it’s always great to be a part of it. I mean, we don’t really look at that type of stuff, we’re just trying to get the win, play hard. But I mean, it’s pretty cool to see that. He deserves it, he’s a great player, a great teammate, and it’s always cool to see that.”
Gronk is set to break a record himself. He should have the most postseason receiving yards by a tight end by next week. He needs thirteen more to pass Dallas Clark, to give him 848 yards.
Records aside, it was a good win for the Pats. On to the next one!

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