Jaguars, Vikings Advance to Championship Games

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Jaguars Defeat Steelers to Halt Plans of Steelers Playing Patriots for a Second Time
The Jaguars have defeated the Steelers to head to the AFC Championship Game for the first time since 1999. Commentators Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts mentioned continuously the Steelers were on a collision course to meet New England in the AFC Championship. Fans and even running back Le’Veon Bell overlooked Jacksonville, and look what happened.
“Sacksonville”, the name of the Jaguars defense, dominated the Steelers to begin with. They got an interception and fumble recovery for a touchdown pretty easily and helped run up the score 28-14 to end the first half.
Blake Bortles didn’t do anything to hurt his team. If anything, he helped his team as much as he could, with no mistakes. He had a solid 214 yards and one touchdown, but his stats don’t do justice for what he was able to do. He drove the Jags down the field enough to give Fournette three touchdowns and Yeldon a touchdown which were all in the red zone. He kept his composure throughout the game, making sure to not make any costly mistakes.
Roethlisberger did not help his team in the first half. He caused the fumble and interception. His touchdowns were just a result of his receivers. He was heaving up the ball and his receivers, Brown and Bryant, saved him by making incredible catches. One of those was on fourth down too.
In the second half, he was doing more to help, but the score was really too high for them to comeback. It almost happened, but then Tomlin messed up. He decides to onside kick with a good 2:18 left, and then it led to a Jaguars field goal. If he didn’t onside kick, this game could have went to overtime.
Jacksonville broke all of the hearts in Pittsburgh, and it was fantastic. They will come to New England with a fiery defense and Blake Bortles. That’s a little scary. It should be a good game next weekend.
Vikings Defeat Saints in Dramatic Fashion; Hope to be Home for Super Bowl 52:
Can I just say that it was so sad seeing the Saints have to come back on the field for the extra point. The fans were taunting them. None of them wanted to be there. I felt so bad for them.
Anyways, the Vikings somehow won. Marcus Williams (New Orleans Free Safety) basically won the game for them. All he had to do is let Diggs catch the ball and tackle him, but he decided to dive for some reason, let Diggs catch the ball, and then let him get a touchdown. And Williams knew how he messed up. He said after the game, “I just gotta make the tackle.” He did also get an interception, and was a good sport after. He tweeted, “Congrats to the hometown”.
The Vikings also made a little history. This was the first ever walk-off touchdown in the 4th quarter of a playoff game.
If you somehow didn’t already hear, after being down one and not in field goal range, Keenum, with ten seconds left, heaves one up for Diggs who caught the ball and ran it for a touchdown.
The reactions were pretty great too. NFL players were tweeting. Well, it wasn’t only the players. Everyone was tweeting. Just watch Keenum’s reaction. It sums up the game.
But the Saints played one good game. At least in the second half. They started a comeback late in the third quarter, down 17-0. They had been shutout in the first half after the Saints couldn’t do anything. Brees was forcing throws and just couldn’t convert. He had two interceptions and no touchdowns. But, it wasn’t all Brees’s fault. The team could have performed better.
Their comeback started after a blocked punt, and almost made a huge comeback. This would have been the first 17 point comeback in the playoffs in the last 17 minutes since Super Bowl 51 (in the postseason). It would have been a nice story, but I have to see the Vikings winning is a better story.
In my opinion, the Vikings have on of the best stories. From not signing Peterson, to having Keenum taking over, and then getting the first round bye, they are creating a great season. Now Minnesota adds this win to their resume and heads to Philly to take on the number one seed in the NFC (which I think will result in a win for the Vikings). On top of this, the Vikings could obviously be in the Super Bowl if they win next week, which will be the first Super Bowl for a home team.
Next week could get interesting.

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