It’s Good to Live in California

Rams Runningback Todd Gurley hurdles Cowboys Safety Jeff Heath (38) as the Rams defeat the Cowboys 35-30 on Week 4, October 1st, 2017. (via CNN)
Well, it’s good to live in California right now. You have four football teams (but it’s alright if you’re not all about supporting all four) and four basketball teams as well (but if you’re not on a bandwagon and only support who’s in your area, that’s alright too I guess). But anyways, things are looking bright for these teams that represent the state.
Let’s start with the Warriors.
Congrats! You’re in the Finals! Can you disagree? The only real threat to Golden State is the Spurs and Rockets at this point in the season, and while both can be threatening, no one really has been able to match the firepower of the Dubs with Curry.
We all expected Golden State to do well this season. Their offense isn’t matched with any team. They are scoring 115.4 point per game, which (surprise, surprise) is first in the league. Look at the points they’ve scored in the past four games: 125, 141, 111, 126. They also are first in the game for assists, making 30.6 a game. The chemistry they have is remarkable. Last year, when KD joined, he seemed to fit perfectly somehow. They became even more unstoppable with their chemistry even with a new player, something the Thunder have yet to do.
Now, we all know what a monster Steph Curry can be on the court. If you haven’t heard already, he scored 10 of 13 threes in his first game back. He was a point away from his season high as well (39 points). Last night, they got a win 125-122 to the Mavericks. Although it was pretty close, we saw Curry boost Golden State in terms of energy and ball movement.
The one thing Golden State can improve is their defense. They’re a measly 15th in the league for points allowed and 9th in the west for points allowed. Their individual defense is pretty good, but their team defense is where they need to improve. I mean, allowing 122 points to Dallas when they average 101.6 points per game. That needs to improve.
But they do make up for it in their point differential, leading the league with +9.6 points. They take 4.2 less field goals, but makes 4.8 more field goals, so…
Anyways, Golden State has been doing a good job.
Your other California teams (Lakers, Clippers, and Kings) are okay. The Lakers have a good future of course, but right now, are not looking good. The Lakers are last in the West. The Clippers have been a pretty inconsistent team, but right now are looking good on a four game win streak. Lastly, the Kings have been the Kings. You guys have De’Aaron Fox. He’s fast!
Now for the San Francisco 49ers. If you’ve haven’t looked at any NFL news for the past few months, you wouldn’t know that Jimmy Garoppolo had been traded to the Niners from the Patriots for a 2018 second-round pick. Kyle Shanahan decided to start Jimmy for five games. The record? 5-0. Two of those wins were against the Jaguars (3rd in the AFC) and Rams (3rd in the NFC). So not too shabby for the quarterback. To sum it up, he’s had tremendous success (
In California, you also have the Raiders, Rams, and Chargers.
Like I said before, the Rams are the 3rd in the NFC and a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. They have a potentially superstar second-year quarterback in Jared Goff. Their elite defense is led by pro-bowler Aaron Donald. All this with a first-year head coach, Sean McVay. They are looking to make a far run in the NFC playoffs, which is completely possible. They face the six seed Falcons, who are good, but might not be good enough. They then will have to face the Vikings, who many think are the best team in the NFC. They have a tough road ahead of them, but are looking good.
The Raiders have been weird. Weird. Yeah, that’s the right word. Really everything they have revolves around their quarterback Derek Carr. He’s one of the highest paid players in the NFL and, by many, was ranked the best quarterback in the 2014 draft (which also included Garoppolo). Their records have been inconsistent since then. This year they went 6-10. Then last year, they went 12-4 (they lost in the playoffs due to Carr getting injured). Then 7-9. Then 3-13. They have been known to be one of the worst teams the league in the 2000’s (other than the Rich Gannon, Jon Gruden years). But, the future is pretty unknown going forward with Jack Del Rio (head coach) being fired. They’re hoping to get Jon Gruden back, which could be pretty exciting for them. So, expect so good season ahead of you, Raiders fans.
The Chargers are another weird team. They’ve been pretty average, with some freak seasons here and there. Since 2008, they’ve been just around .500. Except for the amazing 13-3 season, and weird 4-12 and 5-11 seasons. So, again, another unpredictable future. Phillip Rivers is 36 years old right now, and while I would say he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he might hang it up soon. This year the Chargers have looked good, but not good enough for the playoffs.
So, really pretty good for California fans. Football is looking great for you guys and if you’re a Golden State fan, then you should be happy. I really don’t care about baseball and hockey, so… But with six baseball teams and three hockey teams, there has to be a good team in there somewhere.

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