How the Titans Could Upset the Patriots

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
The Patriots will take on the Titans tomorrow night, after having a one week bye. Everyone has a different opinion on the Titans right now, and whether or not they can take on a stacked Pats team.
Demarco Murray has already been ruled out of the game, giving Derrick Henry the start. Henry put up good numbers against the Chiefs. He ran for 156 yards and a touchdown. He caught the ball for 35 more yards on two catches.
Belichick has given Henry high praise saying, “You see him run in the open field very productive so he is more than just a power back. He’s a good space back and a very athletic guy who can catch the ball.”
He simply said, “He’s pretty good.”
Henry was the best player in the skill position for the Titans on Saturday, so you know Belichick and Matt Patricia already have a way to shut him down. But being the biggest back in the league, that might be a little hard for our linebackers (hopefully Harrison can get the job done).
Of course, Marcus Mariota stood out in this game. He threw for 205 yards and two touchdowns. It wasn’t all too pretty with an interception, but the stats don’t do justice for what he did on the field. He obviously led a comeback from down 18 and threw a touchdown to himself. He was able to convert 7 of 8 third downs in the second half as well.
Tennessee proved to be real contenders by winning a road game in Arrowhead and keeping the Chiefs scoreless in the second half. They have a real chance at an upset. Many of the experts on NFL Network and ESPN can see the Titans upsetting the Pats. I personally don’t, but it’s possible.
The Pats are stacked and you know it. Brady. Belichick. Gronk. Brady. Two good coordinators. By the way, Chris Hogan is cleared. Belichick. A defense. And Brady. Just your average Patriots.
So that defense. Many have said that the Pats have come into the playoffs with the worst defense out of the playoff teams. It’s going to be tough for them to stop Derrick Henry and a mobile quarterback. Like I said before, the coaches will have a way to shut down Henry, but now they have to worry about Mariota running. And Mariota throwing (maybe even to himself, who knows).
All in all, the Patriots are a good team, perhaps the best team in the league. But, there are a lot of ways the Titans can upset. Maybe a little too many ways. I myself have the Pats advancing, but would not be surprised at all to see the Titans win.

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