Anthony Davis Trade Rumors

(Greg M. Cooper, Greg M. Cooper)
Anthony Davis helped his team, the New Orleans Pelicans, beat the Celtics in overtime last night, ending the Celtics’ 7 game win streak. He put up 45 points and grabbed 16 rebounds in 45 minutes(played whole game except two minutes). Just mentioning Davis last night had Davis trade rumors resurface. Davis had been mentioned multiple times in the past in trade rumors involving the Celtics.
Davis just played 45 minutes of good play right in front of Danny Ainge’s eyes. The Celtics did not have an answer to Davis’s play style. His athleticism and shooting could not be defended by anyone we put against him (Morris, Horford, Theis). He is a player with a lot of potential for just being 24 years old (Kyrie’s 25). After winning the All-Star game MVP and having some playoff experience (but not a lot), he has appealed many fans in Boston.
Fans all over Boston wanted Davis to come to Boston, but it never happened. The desire of the fans eventually turned to trade rumors, which hit news everywhere. But New Orleans management and Davis shot everything down.
ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said Davis “wants to make it work” in New Orleans with the Pelicans. Well, that really does it, but then on top of this, some executives reportedly said that any trade rumors were “laughable”. It hurts a little, doesn’t it. It does make sense because of the direction the Pelicans are going in.
After a, well, laughable season (with Demarcus Cousins), the Pelicans have been able to turn things around taking over the six seed in the stacked Western Conference (0.5 games behind OKC). They just beat the number one seed in the East, and it’s not like they have many notable wins (unless you call the Cavs notable at this point), but I could see them getting in the playoffs and maybe even winning a series. A real test is coming up in 9 days as they will face the Rockets in New Orleans, so it’s time that Davis and the Pelicans prove their worth.
It’s also reported that Alvin Gentry and Dell Demps are on the hot seat, so they’re all in right now. This also means that trading Davis is almost guaranteed to lose their jobs (since without Davis, the Pelicans won’t be able to do much), so just another reason not to trade Davis.
There’s another reason. If you’re Danny Ainge, who would you trade? A Kyrie, Davis swap if probably the simplest trade. Or, you could reach into your bag of goodies of draft picks. A lot of people are saying Horford is almost a given to be traded. But, the Celtics are a young team with young talent, which means that some of this young talent is going to get traded. The Pelicans would most likely demand Tatum or Brown, two players almost destined to become top players. Or you could get rid of Rozier and Smart, but over the past few weeks, the flop master and Rozier have been pivotal in some of these games. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Just imagine a team with Kyrie, Brown, Tatum, Hayward, Davis, and Horford. Just imagine.” The unfortunate fact is that this is highly unlikely. Also, Davis’s contract isn’t ending anytime soon, so we’ll have to wait a bit of time for him to become a free agent.
Stephen A. Smith had a little input on the subject. He’s willing to give up Tatum over Brown, which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not saying I would give up Brown over Tatum, but who in the right mind would give up either of them. The question (Would you rather give up Tatum or Brown?) is a bad question by itself, because we will not have this choice in the next decade.
So, Davis isn’t coming to Boston any time soon. We might have a small chance if Gentry and Demps get fired, but don’t count on it. It’s nice to believe though. Also, the Warriors are rumored to be trying to get in on Davis, which is even crazier than Stephen A.

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