#BEATLA (again)

It’s about that time of the year when the Pats are in the Super Bowl again. After two great games both had overtime and terrible calls by the refs, we have a Pats-Rams Super Bowl.

The NFC game was a thriller. These two teams battled it out and the Rams defense won this one for them. They made clutch plays and the big pick during overtime to set Zuerlein up for the game-winning field goal. Zuerlein made big plays during this game as well, so props to him. My prediction was incorrect in a lot of ways, but the Rams came out on top.

The AFC Championship ended in the same way it has eight previous times while under Tom Brady and Belichick, which is in a New England Patriots win. It was a nailbiter right to the end, but when you give Brady the ball in overtime with a chance to win, he’s going to make big throws and win the game for you. Mahomes played a great game, especially in the second half, and he did everything he could. This guy is the future of the league.

Now for the prediction.

Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

(So I’m just going to start by saying my pick is completely biased, and I will pick the Pats.)

The Rams come into this game as one point favorites, which makes the Pats underdogs. This will be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI, but not really, since this Rams is not even close to the same as the team back when they were led by Kurt Warner. The Pats will face a new team here, who they don’t have that much experience against. They played the Rams once last year, but that was against a developing Jared Goff, and Jeff Fisher was still the head coach (he was fired eight days after the loss to the Pats). This has potential to be an exciting game.

Jared Goff impressed me. I didn’t think he would be able to pull one against the Saints, especially against a very experienced coach and quarterback on the other side. Putting aside anything about the refs, Goff and this Rams team really played well against the Saints. But, they are playing the New England Patriots.

Belichick is who you want leading your team against an inexperienced quarterback. And we have seen New England rip apart inexperienced teams countless times. We may see Sean McVay have a new scheme to counter the Pats.

The Rams have a great running game. Elite, in fact. Todd Gurley didn’t play much in the NFC Championship game, because he was just playing bad, but we’ll probably see him get a lot of touches in this game. C.J. Anderson is someone we have to look out for as well. He has proven to be pretty good, and we know that after playing him in Denver so much. At the same time, we have to cover two 1200 yard receivers in Cooks and Woods. It won’t be fun for our defense, but we should be able to get a few stops, unlike last year when we got literally one stop on defense.

Brady is going to have to deal with a good defense right after playing a bad Kansas City defense. The D-line showed how good they were with Donald, Suh, and Brockers during the Championship game, and then they also have the defensive backs of Marcus Peters and Talib.

This could be a tough game for the Pats. But, with their experience and great postseason playing, I think the Pats will pull this one out. Brady and Belichick will get their sixth ring. Also, which team is the best in the league after TWO WEEKS of rest? The New England Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots over Rams 27-21


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