NFL 2019 Divisional Round Predictions

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The Divisional Round is set. Three close games. The Cowboys weren’t a first-round exit. The Colts stay red-hot. Joe Flacco didn’t go into the game and didn’t go playoff mode. And for some strange reason, NICK FOLES and the EAGLES are STILL IN THE PLAYOFFS (I’m sure it’ll all come crashing down, but still). So, here we go for some predictions.

(1) Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) vs (6) Colts

To put it simply, the Chiefs are known to suck in the playoffs. “But, it’s a new era with Patrick Mahomes”, is what all Chiefs fans would say, with Patrick Mahomes, an MVP candidate. But, the Chiefs are still the Chiefs. Both Andy Reid and the Chiefs have a losing record in the playoffs.

They did not have the worst losses in the regular season, and Patrick Mahomes has proven to be elite in this league, so you could believe the Chiefs would roll over the Colts in this game.

But, I believe in the Colts, and that they will win this game. Playing in Arrowhead is a challenge in the NFL, but the Colts are coming in with all the momentum. They are red-hot with Andrew Luck back in his old form, and possibly MVP form. This team has some of the most underrated players in the skill positions, with TY Hilton and Marlon Mack. With a lackluster Chiefs defense, the Colts have the opportunity to put up a lot of points on the Chiefs. Andy Luck, with his playoff experience, should be able to handle the noise, but Patrick Mahomes may not be able to handle the pressure. Mahomes has not proven to be great in pressure situations this season, especially when playing the Pats and Rams.

I don’t know why I’m defending the Colts so much, but I really don’t think the Chiefs will prove to be as fantastic as we all believe. This game could possibly go either way, with the Chiefs routing the Colts and Mahomes proving why he’s the league’s MVP, or the Colts coming out on top of a shootout with the Chiefs.

But, I have the Colts.

Colts over Chiefs 31-24

(2) LA Rams (-6.5) vs (4) Dallas Cowboys

Um, so the Cowboys are still here.

The Cowboys have had a slightly above average offense and defense, in my opinion. The Cowboys added Amari Cooper to their weapons and their defense improved as the season progressed.

“They run the ball a lot — have a very good running back, very good offensive lineman. Amari Cooper, with him as an addition, I know how good of a player he is,” Fowler said when he played them as a Jaguar. “They’ve got a good defense. So it’ll be a pretty good matchup. I know we’re looking forward to it.”

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The Rams offense is one of the best in the league. They have weapons, and a lot of them. The loss of Cooper Kupp hurt, but they still have other people to go to. Their defense could definitely be better, but the offense makes up for this.

I expect a somewhat close game, but not too close. The Rams should be able to get it down at home, but the Cowboys will put up a good number of points, and might be able to upset the Rams.

Rams over Cowboys 28-17

(2) Patriots (-4.5) vs (5) LA Chargers

This is the game of the weekend, in my opinion. I don’t want it to be close, but I think it will be. Over the years, Phillip Rivers is 0-7 against Brady, but this is one of the weaker teams that the Pats have gone into the playoffs with. I don’t like saying it, but I believe that.

The Pats are not close to done. They had the bye week, and are probably the best team in the league after coming off of the bye. They have Brady. They have weapons. They have a respectable defense. They have the coaching.

The Chargers, on the other hand, were scary good against the Ravens. Melvin Ingram and the Chargers defense ripped through the Ravens for the entire game, excluding the last six minutes. They were forcing fumbles, putting Jackson in pressure and sacking him, and covering his options quite well. They have weapons with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Travis Benjamin. Then there’s Melvin Gordon against our defense. And this is all with the MVP candidate Philip Rivers throwing it to them. So, yeah.

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I’m the most scared about the options that Rivers has. I don’t think they showed what they can truly do to a defense against the Ravens because of that defense, but they should be treated as an elite receiving core. They can make plays that we won’t expect and have speed and strength. Belichick always tries to shut down their best player, which is Allen, so Gilmore and help will be on him, but then we have to worry about the size of Williams and speed of Benjamin. These receivers are good.

I believe in my team and I’m extremely biased, so I’m saying the Patriots are winning this game. They have more experience and are at another level in the playoffs, which I don’t know if the Chargers and second year head coach Anthony Lynn is expecting. James White will go off this game. Sony Michel will hopefully run over this defense. And Gronk is going to block to the best of his ability (since he doesn’t seem to catch anymore…).

Patriots over Chargers 28-27

(1) Saints (-9.5) vs (6) Philadelphia Eagles

I had the Saints going to the Super Bowl. I didn’t think they would be that contested as they got there. But, Nick Foles just doesn’t seem to leave (I know I’m giving enough to the team as a whole, but I just get over the fact that it’s Nick Foles).

The Saints are arguably the best team in the league, after beating some of the other best teams in the league. Drew Brees is an MVP candidate. All the signs point to the Saints going to the Super Bowl.

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The Eagles are once again proving to be the underdogs, and that they still believe in themselves to go to the Super Bowl one more time. Last year, they proved themselves after beating the Falcons, routing a Vikings team who were expected to go to the Super Bowl, and winning the Super Bowl against the Pats. If they could not do that this year, then that would be appreciated.

I don’t see the Eagles winning. It’s that simple. They are better. In every way.

Saints over Eagles 35-7

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