DeMarcus Cousins Ruined the NBA

“DeMarcus Cousins ruined the NBA.”

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It’s 2015 and the Warriors are on a tear. They are coming off a championship and win their first 24 games. They enter the playoffs as the one seed and a record-breaking 73 win season (one win more than the ‘95-‘96 Bulls). They are cruising through beating both the Rockets and Blazers 4-1. Then they meet the Thunder. This team, led by Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, go up 3-1 in the series. As we all know, the Thunder choke and the Warriors win the series. They would go to lose to the Cavs after blowing a 3-1 lead. Although the choke in the finals was the big storyline, the bigger storyline would be Kevin Durant, former MVP, joining the 73 win Warriors. Now the NBA is ruined, everyone thought.

Warriors win the championship for the second time in three years against the Cavs in the 2016-2017 season. This Curry, Thompson, Draymond, KD team was scaring the NBA.

Most recently, the Warriors win the championship with their superteam. But, I guess this just wasn’t enough for the team who’s won three championships in four seasons. No. They just had to go and get the best center in the league (arguably). Boogie Cousins signs a $5.3M/1 year. The rich get richer.

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Everyone thought Ray Allen was a terrible guy when he left the Celtics in 2012 for the Miami Heat joining a superteam with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. It gets worse. Everyone thought KD was a terrible guy when he left a team one win away from the Finals and joined the team he lost to, which already had a 73 win season. It just got worse. Cousins joins a team fresh off of back-to-back championships. He joins the second-biggest villain in the NBA (KD. I’m sure Boogie is the biggest). He just created a team with potentially five all-stars, which would be the most in NBA history. This is just unbelievable.

I think this all already proves he’s a villain, but just to rub it in a little bit more:

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What does this change?

This could potentially change a lot of things in the NBA.

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A Veto Rule?

Right now, there’s really an outrage for this being allowed to happen and there are two sides of the argument. One side is that a superteam shouldn’t be allowed to sign all-star players and make it almost impossible for another team to beat them. The other side is that players have the freedom to sign with any team they want because of free agency. So, if you think about it, both sides are pretty reasonable. I think the former reason has developed because a lot of people are mad about this signing, which makes sense. But, who’s going to be able to beat this team next season? It’s hard to make this rule happen just because of how much power it gives the NBA. Sure vetoing this trade would be good for the league and ratings but it will also hurt Cousins and any team that decides to pick him up. I don’t have a side on this because it’s honestly hard to pick one. I hate this signing and Cousins for doing it, but I also don’t want to corrupt the NBA further than it already is.

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A 1-16 Seeding Playoffs

Alright, this has to happen.

The Warriors are the best team in the league, no doubt. Every single team in the West would get trampled by them in the playoffs. This includes the new-look Lakers and the Rockets who were a win away from beating the Warriors.

So, now in the playoffs, people are only going to be watching the teams waiting to be beaten by the Warriors and the East, which still could be interesting, but not really.

A 1-16 seeding would put the top 16 teams in the whole NBA (based on record) into the playoffs. This means that 10 playoff teams could come from the West and only 6 from the East. But, really, this is more fair, because there are going to be Western teams who don’t make the playoffs, but are way better than the teams in the East. Using this system would make the playoffs a bit more interesting.

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The addition of Cousins ruins the Warriors chemistry.

I’m just giggling to myself thinking of it actually happen. Wouldn’t this be so funny. Everyone’s livid about the decision, but what if it backfires? Sure, there’s a small chance it happens, but man would that shake things up. Could you imagine twitter?

Cousins has been known to get angry. Like, very angry. He has gotten at least 10 technicals for every one of his seasons. Unless Kerr has a magic formula to make him a happy guy on the court, Cousins and Draymond might not get along well. I know Draymond basically recruited Cousins, but hey, I’m really reaching here.

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So, to conclude, I’m mad. I’m mad at Cousins. I’m mad at Draymond for recruiting him. I’m mad at teams for not signing him. But I’m mostly mad at Cousins. He really sank down to a low level. He completely messed up Anthony Davis and had a low blow with the whole all-star game thing. He turned down a bigger deal with the Pelicans, where he could’ve gotten $35M. I just don’t understand.


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