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Celtics Guard Isaiah Thomas catching a pass before the Caviliers Nets game on Nov. 22, 2017. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)
Isaiah Thomas comes back to Boston January 3rd, but we have yet to know whether or not he will be in a jersey for the Cavs Celtics game. I think most Boston fans will hope to see Thomas dress for that key game against the Cavs, and that should be a good game. Isaiah has been in sports news ever since April, so let’s go through all of that in the days before the Celtics Cavs matchup.
April 15th, 2017 was a gloomy day in Boston. Chyna Thomas, Isaiah’s sister, had passed away after getting into a car crash. News quickly spread across the NBA community and fans across the nation. Everyone gave all the support they could. Boston knew a little something about staying strong, and brought all of that energy to Game 1 of the Celtics Bulls series in the first round of the 2016-2017 playoffs. It was an emotional start to the game for Thomas, and even for fans. There was a moment of silence and an announcement made for Chyna. Although the series was a bit shaky, it was a great comeback story for Isaiah and the Celtics as they came back from 2-0 to win the series 4 games to 2. The Celtics would go to win the next series 4-3 against the Wizards in maybe the best series of the playoffs. We would lose to the Cavs 4-1 in the conference championship.
Fast forward to August. I think we can all guess what I’m about to say. The only blockbuster trade of the offseason in the NBA came in late August.
Celtics receive: Kyrie Irving
Cavs receive: Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, Brooklyn Nets 2018 first-round pick, Miami Heat’s 2020 second-round
This just came out of the blue. On the August 22nd, the trade was made. Danny Ainge told the media that Isaiah’s hip, which he had injured sometime in the season, was a factor in the trade. The fact that Isaiah had wanted a max contract may have been a factor too. On the Cavs side of things, Kyrie had wanted out of Cleveland since late July. He claims it was because he would never get a leadership position there, which is true. We already see Kyrie leading the Celtics this season. We lost a great leader in Isaiah, but got a developing leader in Kyrie.
The Cavs then threatened to void the trade after learning Isaiah’s hip was injured. Imagine the repercussions of Isaiah coming back after he very well knew that Danny Ainge wanted to get rid of him (as well as Crowder). We would have kept our great player, but the team would have no chemistry. Although, on August 30th, the trade was made official.
Later, we saw a new side of Celtics fans. Many articles were published after learning that a Boston “fan” had burned Isaiah’s jersey after IT had been traded. First of all, he is not a Celtics fan. He can’t call himself a Celtics fan. He clearly does not know what a trade is. Calling Isaiah a traitor is ridiculous, since Isaiah has no control of the trade…
We saw a real look into what Isaiah thought during the time of the trade. Last Wednesday, The Players Tribune published Chapter 5 of the Book of Isaiah II. It was a powerful look into his own life as he coped with learning at that moment what it was like to be traded. We saw before the call by Danny Ainge, as well as after the call. It was really something to watch. No one really thinks of what the players think of a trade involving themselves.
As Thomas gets closer to his return, he has been active on Twitter, talking especially about the strange reason reporters are still talking about the trade.
“It’s funny how people think I keep bringing up the dumbass trade situation. It’s the media asking the same dumbass questions about it. So it’s obvious they want to keep it going. It’s not like when I’m interviewed I’m asking them can you PLEASE bring up the trade please lol.”
After, he said this: “Don’t get mad at me like im sitting here wanting to still talk about the trade. Get mad at the person interviewing me lol. Get mad at the questions not the REAL answers! These post were for the people who think I’m salty about the trade… Good morning to y’all too lol.”
Finally, he said this in preparation for the Cavs Celtics game:
I will always love Boston. That city and organization gave me a opportunity to be a superstar and I took it and ran with it. I am a Cleveland Cavalier now and I’m more than happy to be one. Just sit back and Watch how special 2018 is going to be! #PositiveVibesONLY #ThatSLOWgrind

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